Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beam Style Winter Wiper Blades, an Observation

As I promised in a previous post I replaced my traditional style winter wiper blades with a set of "beam" style wiper blades. I purchased these Michelin Optimum blades at Target for $16/each. That is very pricey compared to my usual $8 winter blades from Autozone. I would have purchased this set of blades from Autozone, but they were priced at $20 a piece!

These wipers have a flexible shaft instead of the normal wiper framework. I've only seen them around for about a year or two and only in specialty catalogs before this fall. I figure this new style of blade will either go down in price as more companies offer the "beam" style... or they will go out of fashion like those brightly colored double blades from the early 90s and you will never see them again.

Winter hasn't visited Kansas yet, so no word on how these do in snow, sleet and ice; but they've done a great job in the rain so far. Plus the low profile looks nice on the 9-5... better than this photo makes it appear.


  1. I remember those brightly colored winter blades, came in red i beleive, but RainX sells a variant of this type now.

  2. Any updates after some winter driving? I'm in the market as well, and was wondering how these beam-style wipers do in the snow and ice. Our car is parked outdoors, so build-up is an issue. Thanks.

  3. The beam-style wipers have been great. I had this set for a year, switched to the standard style after Consumer Reports recommend a certain brand, but have switched back to this style since the fall. Clearing them of snow and ice are where they are outstanding. They'll wipe the rain away the same as the standard style. They also look nice on the car.