Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Changeable Settings on a SAAB 9-5

There is a whole list of computer controlled settings that can be adjusted on the SAAB 9-5. The problem is that these adjustments have to be made with the SAAB Tech II device, a very expensive piece of electronics. Think of it as an OBD-II tool on steroids.

The list I used to plan out my changes came from a very informative website. Roth has done a great job explaining these options, so I will point you to his site for all the details. I printed off his page and highlighted the changes I wanted made. I then handed the printout to the mechanic when I dropped my car off for service. He looked over the list, asked a few questions, and went to work.

The options I had set on my 9-5 were:
Doors lock automatically once car is put into gear and moving forward
Driver’s door unlocks when key is removed from ignition
No chirps for alarm arm and disarm (this alone was worth the $84 in labor)
“Euro” settings on parking light behavior as explained in the above link
“Euro” settings on high beams and fog lights as explained in the above link
Water temperature gauge adjustments as explained in the above link

Your local SAAB dealer or a shop that specializes in SAAB will have one of these Tech II tools and for the cost of labor they will make adjustments to your car with it. I had my changes made during a visit to the dealer for routine maintenance. I don’t know how much labor would be for computer changes alone, but I paid for a total of two hours labor for everything that was done on my car (oil change, sludge inspection, PCV upgrade and these Tech II changes).

So look over the options at this website and have your local SAAB pro make the changes you want. It is an easy way to improve the comfort and usability of your car.

This isn’t a Stage-1 ECM upgrade we are talking about. Sorry, no performance improvements here. None of the settings that can be changed are spectacular; these are things like door lock and parking light behavior. ECM upgrades can be done with other equipment (and I read the results are amazing), but that is totally separate from the topic of this post.

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