Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Experience With BG 44K Power Enhancer

I have been familiar with BG and their “44K Power Enhancer” a lot longer than I have had my SAAB 9-5. BG Products is a hometown company for me. I remember my father using a fender guard with a huge BG logo on it when he would work on his 1970 Datsun 240z. He won it at some local SCCA event (the BG fender guard, not the Z-car).

I had used 44k one previous time in my Ford Explorer and I know of at least one local fleet that puts 44k in every vehicle they own. My experience and that of the fleet supervisor were the same. 44k really did make a difference.

When I purchased my 9-5 it had 60,000 miles on it and ran great. I decided at 65,000 miles I would add a can of BG 44K to the gas tank. I purchased the can from a local shop. I walked in, but they sell it online too. The people are friendly the two times I’ve been in to visit.

Anyway, back to the 44K. It comes in a metal can about the size of a regular soda can. It even opens like soda. The label says that it is safe for cars with a turbo; I’m always worried about that sort of thing but I trust BG. I added the can to a fairly empty tank and then filled up with gas. I can’t remember if that is what the directions say or if I just did it that way because I needed gas. Be sure to check the label and do what it says. It is also important to use a funnel when adding it to a 9-5. The can is very full and will spill otherwise. I picked up a small long-necked funnel at the auto parts store for under a buck that seems made for this sort of thing. I would do this so nothing drips on the car or garage floor as you put it in the tank because, just from the smell and the fact that it cleans the crud in your fuel system, I have a feeling it could do nasty things to the paint.

I included the garage floor warning because I actually did drip a little on the floor and the liquid is very slick and oily. Even after cleaning it up there was a slick spot on the floor. Oh well, it’s on the wife’s side of the garage.

So I drove around until the tank+44K was almost empty. The car never misbehaved while the 44K was being consumed. I could feel and hear a difference by half a tank. The most obvious end result was a much quieter idle. Well worth the $20, it made a great running SAAB 9-5 run even better.

I’d been dinking around with my mpg gauge at the time (why, I can’t recall), so I can’t give any hard numbers on improved fuel economy, but the car sure seemed happier.

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