Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Radioactive SAAB, Part 2

Infrared radiation edition.

Inspired by Dean W. Armstrong's near infrared photography, I modified an old digital camera this weekend so it will take near IR photographs.

I've taken a lot of photos with the camera, pointing it at all sorts of things. Most impressive was the stove burner that was warming up but absolutely not glowing to my eyes.

I also took a photo of the engine bay of the 9-5 after a spirited drive home from work. I also took a photo of the exhaust under the car, but it was not as impressive as I expected and not worth posting.

And here is a photo of our back yard in near infrared. The trees and ground look vividly green to our eyes but show up white with the camera.

I modified the camera by removing the infrared filter inside the camera and adding three layers of (developed) exposed camera film over the lens to block out the bulk of visible light.

The camera has a "video" feature. I haven't tried yet, but I look forward to playing with it soon.

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