Monday, October 22, 2007

SAAB 9-5 Light Bulbs

This is an actively updated list of light bulbs used in my 2000 SAAB 9-5. Some of these bulbs might be different for a newer 9-5. I’m linking this post in the side bar so it is easy to find and I will continue to update it as I get more information. I will also post instructions on how to replace these bulbs and link each post to this page.

Press Ctrl+F in windows, Command+F in apple, type what you are searching for and the computer will highlight it.

Low beam headlamp
High beam headlamp

Front side marker
License plate
High mount stop light

1157 (amber)
Front turn signal

7507A (amber)
Rear turn signal

Stop light/ Brake light
Tail light
Rear side marker

Fog/Driving light

Back up light
Rear fog light

6418 (5 watt 35mm x 11mm)
Glove box
Map light
Dome light
Step/Courtesy light

6411 (10 watt 41mm x 11mm)
Map light
Dome light
Step/Courtesy light
Trunk light
Under hood light

2721 (LED code: 74)
Ash tray
Seat belt indicator (3 bulbs)
Instrument panel, including:
Check engine
Hi-beam indicator
Brake warning
Automatic transmission (!) indicator
Turn signal indicator


  1. How do you replace the front turn signal amber bulb?

  2. On the '99-'03 models at least, you'll want to lift the hood and there is one screw that is now exposed on the top of the side marker (kind of next to the top of the headlight lenses). Unscrew it and pull the entire side marker lens out towards the front of the car. You'll now have access to the back of the bulb sockets. They release with a twist and pull motion. The old bulb releases with a push, twist, then pull motion. Replace the bulb and install in reverse. Good luck!

  3. Where is the light bulb under the hood located.

  4. Good question, I don't know because mine doesn't have one. I don't know which ones had an under hood light... but it was included in a list of bulbs for the 9-5, so I assume some have it. If you're looking and not seeing it, then I would bet it isn't there.