Saturday, December 8, 2007

Custom Electronic Device Mounts for the SAAB 9-5 featured a website that sells custom car mounts for all sorts of electronic gadgets on their "Stuff We Like" series.

The idea is that you purchase two parts and end up with a totally customized setup. The first part is a device specific clip that then attaches to the second part, a vehicle specific bracket. The website says it securely installs in seconds without taking the dash apart.

I check out the ProClip company website and they seem to have brackets for four different mounting locations on the SAAB 9-5. The "Angled Mount" bracket even has a notch in it to keep the cup holder on the 9-5 functional.

I have not used this product, but my plan is to get a GPS navigator for the car, and now I'm going to get the ProClip to mount it in my SAAB. I will post photos and my impressions once I get one and install it. This looks like such a smoother and more professional installation compared to the cheap plastic universal mounts that come with car electronics.


I purchased the ProClip for my TomTom GPS and wrote a post about it.

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