Friday, February 22, 2008

SAAB 9-5 ProClip Mounted GPS

I had made a post about the ProClip system a while back. I was finally ready last week to purchase a ProClip mount (now that I had my back ordered TomTom GPS from Amazon). I ordered the two required parts, one part custom made for the TomTom One v3 and one part custom made for the SAAB 9-5 with wood grain dash. The package arrived today.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ProClip is designed and produced in Sweden. I knew I was in good hands from that point forward.

The mounts are made out of what I would guess to be some sort of polymer. It reminds me of the grip from a Glock handgun.

I used four of the included self-tapping screws to put the two parts together.

Installation only took a minute and the only tool needed was a "gap opener" wedge included in the package.

The ProClip snaps into place and really holds tight. I put my hand around it and pulled like I was opening a door; the thing did not move one bit.

Once the mount was in place, I added my TomTom One.

ProClip has four custom mounting locations for the SAAB 9-5: upper left dash, upper right dash, under the cup holder (like the phone mount on some 9-5s), and on the console by the gear selector. The total cost of the system with shipping was under $70. I didn't think that was too shabby for a totally custom mount. It's a vast improvement over the universal suction cup mount that the TomTom came with. The instructions even included photos of the 9-5 dash. ProClip has mounts for all sorts of SAABs and all sorts of electronic devices. I'll stop here because I'm already sounding too much like a commercial.


  1. How do you like the position of the ProClip mount you purchased? I'm thinking about getting the same mount for a Nokia N800, but am worried about being in front of the vent, and blocking the clock/SID. What are your thoughts on the positioning?

  2. @niburto

    I really like it. I felt that it was the best mounting location out of the available ProClip sites for putting a GPS I would be looking at often. I figured that the driver's left side mount would be hard to look at while driving, plus I'm right handed, so pushing buttons is easier for me on my right. The lowest mount site seemed an awkward place for my GPS. The only other site I considered was the one that mounts under the cup holder. That would be similar to the optional SAAB phone mount or a stock 9-5 navigation system.

    I'm only 5'6", so I'm able to see the entire SID with the GPS mounted, I don't know how well it would situate with someone taller. My car is in the shop at the moment otherwise I would check how well the SID is viewed from different heights with the GPS mounted.

    It does cover half of the center vent, but I didn't find it an issue during the winter or summer. Air still gets past, you just can't blast it onto you from that vent.

  3. Thanks for the information. I went ahead and got the mount for my Saab and Nokia device.