Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to Get Perfect Fluid Levels

The SAAB 9-5 has some of the hardest to read dipsticks. The markings can be confusing and the fluid seems to end up on parts of the stick that you know doesn't reflect the fluid level. Personally, it leaves me doubting my level readings.

I use my fluid vacuum and a clothes-pin to get the perfect level after a fluid change or top off.

Start by refilling or topping off the appropriate sump as normal. Add a little extra fluid so it is just slightly over-filled. Less than a quarter quart is plenty extra.

Line the end of the vacuum tube with the max level line on the dipstick you are using.

And then clip the clothes-pin on the vacuum tube where it lines up with the top of the dipstick seal.

Put the vacuum tube into the sump, stopping when you reach the clip.

And then start sucking out the extra fluid. The vacuum pump will stop when the fluid level is correct.

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