Thursday, April 24, 2008

Silver Star: Alternative To Amber Bulbs

I purchased a pair of Silver Star 1157A ST bulbs for my front corner lights.

Before and After

I've read how to remove the yellow reflectors from behind the lenses, but I've not sat down and done the process myself. At least I'll be ready for when I do that project and won't have to change out my bulbs to get clear corner lights.


  1. How do you get access to change the bulbs? My original ones are flaking and in need of replacement.


  2. Sure thing. With the hood open, there is one Philips screw on top of the corner-light assembly that holds it to the frame of the car. Remove the screw. Then the whole corner light will pull loose from the car. You'll be able to then twist the back of the bulb from the lens and switch it with the new bulb. Good luck, it'll be easy once you do one side and see how it works.