Saturday, June 7, 2008

SAAB Related Roundup

I've been bad about having things to post here, but not getting around to posting them. A lot of these items don't really need their own post. I figure I'll post them all and save some time.

New Direct Ignition Cassette:

My cassette was not part of the recent recall, but I was getting the usual misfire codes that signal a DIC on the way out. So I bit the bullet and purchased a new cassette. No more CEL and the car now runs so much smoother that I'm embarrassed I let it go without repair for what little time I did.

Update on Harrah's Car Museum Shirt:

I received a brown envelope that was either originally purchased along with the t-shirt or it came with the t-shirt, I'm not sure which. I'm updating that post, but wanted to share anyways.

Tornado Warning:

I'm what I suspect is one of the few people in the world who have worked on a SAAB during a tornado warning. The sirens went off as I was installing the ignition cassette. I finished up, went inside, turned on the TV. I found my wife in the basement, but she was unaware of the tornado warning because she was playing video games very loudly at the time. Naturally I also went outside and took some photos of the "scary looking clouds" overhead. We got horizontal rain, light wind damage, and a little road flooding; but the radar indicated tornado never materialized. Not that I'm complaining.

And finally,

Reverse Diverter Valve

I purchased some silicone vacuum line along with the new ignition cassette so I could replace the line on the DV. This also gave me the extra length I needed to install the DV in reverse, as recommended in THE GREAT Diverter Valve FACE OFF. This has made a huge improvement in the sound of the DV releasing. I suggest anyone looking to get that "turbo sound" from their T7 SAAB to first get an open air intake, and second get a performance diverter valve installed in reverse. I'll be updating my DV and intake posts to add this information.


  1. I've tried the reverse BPV thing before, but found it quite difficult to find the right spring to use. With the full brunt of the boot pressure on the face of the piston (when installed as per the photo above) you need a fairly tough spring to hold it shut. When I had a strong enough spring installed, the valve wouldn't release at lower boost (if using light throttle, for example) causing compressor chatter.

    As much as it sounds better in reverse, keeping it the "Saab" way 'round is the easier option.

  2. @ mvyrmnd
    You bring up an important point that I should remember to include will all of my posts of this type. Driveability and safety comes first, customization and ascetics are a distant second. Thank you for the input.

  3. So, your saying that the car will run better ounce I change the cassette. Ok, I will go to the Saab Shop and purchase one.

  4. @tabauknight

    If your cassette is going out, a new one will make the car run better and raise fuel mileage. I'd have a dealership check my cassette first to see if it's on the recall list because they will give you a new one for free if it is recalled.

  5. Hey,
    I have replaced my cassette. I was getting an error message I think like 1213 and the meter read misfire. Since I had known this might be a problem I went ahead and replaced it. Now my trunk button has gone bad, but the Tech at the Saab Shop said test the line around the trunk arm and make sure the button is sending power before I bring it in for service.


  6. @tabauknight

    I've heard about the wiring getting torn up from wear against the trunk arm. Hopefully it is that simple and you will just need to reconnect a few frayed wires.