Saturday, November 29, 2008

Inside the SAAB Information Display, SID

I don't have any advice about repairing the SID, or "SAAB Information Display", on a SAAB 9-5 except to say that I only made mine worse by trying to make it better. There are several methods for DIY repair of missing pixels on the information display. I tried the foam spacer and warm iron methods and only ended up with more missing pixels.

There is a reputable company called BBA that will repair the SID and garentees its work.

SAAB Central has a thread about SID repairers that is worth reading before choosing a company.

My SID will be off to BBA soon for repair and I will post about the results at that time. For now, here are images from the inside of the SID for your entertainment:


  1. Hi I just changed a light bulb with little difficulty thanks to your blog, so thank you.
    The next job on my Saab is the SID, which has lost about 80% of it's pixels. I see that you have not had much success with that one. I found this on ebay and hope it is okay to post the link on your site, it is a DIY repair and cost £5.00stg.

    I was wondering if someone had used this kit to any success.

  2. You are most welcome.

    It is my understanding from various message board threads that these DIY SID repairs are often a sized strip of foam that goes between the ribbon inside and applies pressure to it so the ribbon makes contact. People do seem to have some success with this method, either as a purchased kit or created themselves from instructions found online.

    I'd say to try to repair the SID with the foam technique or something similar like the eBay auction and then be prepared to send the SID in to a remanufacturer if you are not happy with the results of the DIY. The foam isn't going to hurt anything and it's reversible, so it's worth a try. I would not recommend the warm iron since it made my SID much worse and there is no turning back after the iron.

    Good Luck!