Sunday, November 22, 2009

TDS Water Test

I have a little device that tests the TDS or "Total Dissolved Solids" in liquids. I decided to test the various water sources in my kitchen. The tester gives a number between 0-999 and one of five faces. 0-30 is a :D face, 31-100 is a :) face, 101-200 is a :| face, 201-300 is a :-? face, and 301-999 is a :( face.

I started with hot tap water because I thought it would be the highest, and I was correct. I got a 350 from my sample.

I then got a sample of cold tap water. It was also very high at 330.

Our refrigerator has a filter connected to it, so I tested the water from it. I was disappointed to see that it was 300.

We don't usually use the water from the fridge, we have a Britta water filter pitcher that we drink from. Luckily it seems to be a better job of filtering out the solids in the water. The sample showed a 190.

I took an ice cube from a bag of store-bought ice and let it melt in a clean baggy so I could test the water from it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that ice from the store had only a 3.

While I was in the freezer getting the Ice, I also pulled out a bottle of Cachaca and decided to test a sample of it with the meter.

It has a TDS of 20.

We didn't have any bottled water in the house at the moment, so that was one sample I wish I could have also tested. I thought about testing my spit, but I have a feeling I already know the results and it would have been a gross thing to do anyway.

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