Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankful For My Peek Mobile Email Device

Next month I will have owned my Peek email device for one year. It was given to me as a gift last Christmas. There are very few items in this world that I feel are worth writing a post about; the iPod Touch, the Canon G10, and maybe the rubber broom we got from the "As Seen On TV" aisle at Target (those brooms truly are awesome).

The Peek deserves a spot with this list.

The Peek, so you don't have to google it, is a pocket sized device that sends a receives email. That's all.  It uses the same towers as T-Mobile phone service. You get your email anywhere you can get a mobile phone signal. There is no need for wi-fi hotspots. I've found that I even get Peek service where mobile phones are on the edge of a signal.

So why would I want it? I want it because it does mobile email perfectly. I want it because smart phone voice & data plans are expensive. I want it because I hate talking on the phone. I honestly spend around $3.00 a month on pre-paid mobile minutes for my Virgin Mobile phone. I want it because I can bide my time and give one precise response when I send an email, instead of having to immediately deal with someone's problem back-and-forth over the phone. "But wait", you say, "text messages can do a lot of these things". That's true, and my Peek also does text messages wonderfully.

My Peek has saved the day on several occasions. The best moment so far was when my family and I set out from our hotel in West Memphis towards Graceland and soon realized that none of us knew where it was beyond the general "Elvis Presley Boulevard". I emailed for the Wikipedia page on Graceland. Moments later the article, along with the street address, was in my hand and we were on our way.

My Peek updates my Twitter account and my Facebook status. I get news feeds from my Facebook and Twitter. The Instant weather alerts from NOAA are great to have in the springtime (I live in Tornado Alley). I get maps, movie times, weather forcasts, all with quick emails to various free services.

My Peek is like my first iPod. It does on thing perfectly and I never expected  it would change my life as much as it has.

The customer service from Peek is at a level. I emailed support once and got a quick response with the information I needed. I called once to upgrade to lifetime service and the person on the phone was actually at Peek Inc, instead of some faceless call center. Peek has held several contests for users; during March Madness I predicted who would win the championship and Peek sent me a metal water bottle as a prize.

I purchased an upgrade cable from Peek so I could keep my software up to date and get the latest features. Doing it myself was easy enough, but they offer free upgrade service by mail if you don't mind giving up your device for a few days. Their customers are very active in the Peek community. People hold upgrade parties and release their own services for the Peek, such as maps and Facebook feeds. I was lucky enough to get a lifetime warranty on my Peek during a special event. I have a feeling the warranty was a one-time thing, but this means I have lifetime service and lifetime warranty on my Peek for less than $300.

The device itself is priced so low that I have an extra one still in the box for the day the battery, case, or charger wears out on my current Peek.

The Peek is not for everyone. Hell, I still keep my plastic mobile phone with mediocre voice, T9 text on squishy buttons, and a battery that needs to be recharged every night with me for emergencies. But the phone sits in my pocket while the Peek, with a sturdy metal shell, full Qwerty keyboard with clicky keys, and a battery that stays strong for days, is constantly being used.

(I am only a satisfied Peek client that loves his Peek. I received no compensation from Peek for this post. There is a generated link to Amazon below that would earns a commission from Amazon if an item is purchased.)

From Amazon:
Peek Pronto Mobile Messaging Device with Lifetime Service Included (Grey)

-P. Econmancer

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