Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ford Motorcraft Shrinks Oil Filter Size

This is really disappointing. I just got done changing my oil and I've had an unpleasant surprise. At some point between oil changes the FL400-S oil filter by Motorcraft has been reduced in size. I'd say there is about 3/4 of an inch less filter material than previously. That's a big reduction in surface area inside the filter.

My car is turbocharged and these engines have a tendency to get oil sludge. I want as much protection as I can get so I use the FL400-S size filter. I've sent my concerns to Ford and will update with any information they care to provide about this.

I'm assuming it was done to keep the price from going up, but I personally don't buy Motorcraft brand filters to save money and I'd bet there many who are with me on this. It's one of those things I'd rather pay more for and get the best I can instead of having the potential for increased engine wear so I can save a few cents.

So for anyone who has been using the Motorcraft FL400-S filter on their car, take a ruler along with you next time you're in the oil aisle and be sure you're getting the most filter for your car by checking out the other brands available. I'll size these up as I have time and post my results.

Alternatives filter brands to check out-
Fram (xx)3600
STP S3600
Bosch 3422
Mobile M1-209
K&N HP 2009

-P. Econmancer


  1. Yes, significantly less filter material which equals shorter filter life, with no reduction in price. There are several web posts on this now, but none I read get to the bottom line. The only goal of a corporation is to make money. Motorcraft will make more money on this new smaller filter.

  2. Ford replied to my email shortly after I sent investor relations my concerns. They were very polite, sorry I was unhappy, but didn't offer much beyond promising to forward my concerns to the proper people. I'm bringing a ruler the next time I buy a filter and the company that has the largest amount of filter material will get my money. At this point it isn't Motorcraft.