Thursday, July 22, 2010

Voluntary Price Discrimination of Batteries

Time for another "voluntary price discrimination" post. I feel like I should be posting on really hard hitting economic topics, but I keep running into these crazy pricing situations and I can't help but share them.

Target sells single packs of  the "2032" size Energizer brand button batteries for $4.99 on the battery aisle. They sell double packs  of the same Energizer batteries at the camera kiosk for $5.99.

How many people must run to the battery aisle and grab a couple of the single packs with no suspicion that a cheaper alternative is two aisles away? If I had to guess (just my speculation), the $5.99 two packs are at the camera kiosk to reward people that could be spending a lot of money on new electronic devices and the more expensive single packs are for the people just buying replacement batteries on a device they already own.

It almost worked, they almost got me. I was about to voluntary give Target an extra $4. I first went to the battery aisle and grabbed two single battery packages (~$10). Something told me to look closer. I made my way past the cameras and there it was, two for ~$6. I needed to buy two of these batteries for a little digital scale anyway, so the choice was easy.


  1. I bet you'll hear more of this as time goes on. Thanks for sharing.