Friday, August 13, 2010

Intercooler/Radiator Water Spray Experiment

I've just installed a turbo intercooler / radiator water spray system on my SAAB 9-5. I want to see if it reduces the heat soak that the 9-5s suffer from in hot weather and after a spirited drive (sometimes even when the weather isn't that hot). I think every 9-5 owner has at least once tried to make a left turn and found that the car suddenly had a total lack of power. I hope to correct that issue cheaply with the water spray.

The setup cost me $45 and took one evening to install. I want to test it out before I post a detailed how-to, but I thought I would show a couple of videos as a teaser.

There are many people online that said they've cured the heat soak by upgrading the intercooler, either with a larger one in the OEM space behind the radiator or a smaller FMIC behind the lower grill of the bumper. This would be the ideal solution if you are having real trouble with heat soak, but it's expensive and takes mechanical knowledge many people do not have. I hope after I test this system to have a simple and cheap way of combating the heat soak in the SAAB 9-5 specifically for people not looking to drastically modify their car.

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