Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vending Machine Cheaper Than Grocery Store

I noticed today that the Jack Link's Beef Steak Nuggets in the vending machine at work are actually cheaper per ounce than the full sized bag from the grocery store. I paid $1.66/ounce for the large bag and the 1 ounce bag in the vending machine is only $1.50 ($1.50/ounce). This is remarkable because most of the items in this vending machine are significantly more expensive than they would be from a grocery store.


  1. One of those rare anomalies in life. Do you watch the price premiums for lower priced, lower quantity goods at the store?

  2. Yesterday I was at Target and saw 10-packs of plastic hangers for $1.17 each. Right below them were 20-packs of the same hangers for $2.99 each.