Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Loose Seat in a Ford Focus

I've got the tiniest little wiggle in the driver seat of my car. It just started. The area that is loose is a yellow plastic grommet that is part of the arm controlling the seat height. The bolt and nut are tight, but there is still play because of space between the bolt and this grommet. I don't have a solution for this problem yet, but I will update this post when I do. In the meantime, check this area if your Ford has a loose seat and try to think of solutions to keep the seat from jiggling.



  1. My passagener seat and my driver's seat both jiggle and vibrate. The passenger side vibrates horribly when I am at a stop light. This started two months after I bought the vehicle brand new.

  2. Please, please tell me you've found a fix, or that your Ford garage has a fix for this. I just bought a 2011 Focus which is perfect except for this annoyance.

  3. Nope. The best I've done is raise the seat up and back down with the lever and it can decrease the wiggle for a little bit.